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Beetroot/ Beterraba

Beetroot/ Beterraba

SKU: 1012

Beetroot growing fresh on our farm right here in Ponda do' Ouro.


    Please contact the farmer directly to arrange collection, delivery and payment. You can place your order online and the farmer will get back to you. We can get the products to you on the same day, next day or a date of your choice.


    Matimba de Deus will replace any fresh food you're not happy with which is sold online or in-store. If you have any issues with your purchase, please contact the farmer right away. Our products are 100% Mozambican and sold fresh. No returns will be accepted, however, if there is reason to provide a replacement, we will look into the matter with urgency. All goods bought as seen. 


    Please arrange with the farmer if you would like to collect the product, otherwise we will arrange delivery to your address that you provided. Deliveries are made on the same day or next day. If you would like a different date, please confirm that with the farmer.

1 Kilogram