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Who We Are

Our Story

I am Nomenadge "Enzo" Katsaruware. A Mozambique farmer born in Mazoe, which is a farm town located South of Harare.  

My father was a farm product manager and growing up, I had an opportunity to learn farming with him and my mother. In 2004, I completed my A levels at Mufakose High School and l passed with good grades entering the job market in 2005.  

In 2010, I relocated to Ponta d’Ouro where I’m now a permanent resident with my wife and children. Throughout my career, I’ve discovered a niche in the tourism industry where agriculture could play a vital role to which I find myself as a potential contributor owing to my years of experience.

All vegetables, meat, eggs, herbs and fruit can be easily grown, bred and supplied fresh. 

We sell our fresh organic produce and livestock, online, in store and at our farm in Ponta d'Ouro. 

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