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The Story of Matimba De Deus

Matimba De Deus LDA

Matimba is a local producer of Large White Pigs. On 5 hectares in Ponto Do Ouro our agri-business was established in 2021 by Nomenadge Katsaruware. We also carry out mixed animal farming by breeding rabbits, ducks, turkeys, chickens, goats and sheep.

We have planted a variety of organic vegetables in our gardens. These include lettuce, tomatoes, beetroot, spinach, green peppers, onions and chillies. We grow fresh fruit as well as herbs. We have planted and are growing coconut, guava, avocado, paw paw, banana and mango trees to bear fruit.

We are a self sustaining and organic farm and use the waste from the farm animals to provide all the fertilizer. We built this farm from scratch and are very pleased with the outcome.

We have cleared vast areas of virgin land and dug a borehole to service a water system for the farm. We have built a piggery building with 8 pens to keep the pigs safe and secure. We have also built a den where we house the other livestock.

We are a registered company and adhere to the highest farming standards. We have a full staff of farm workers tending to the livestock and the fields.

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Farmer Nomenadge Katsaruware, popularly known as Enzo (which is a lot easier to say!) was born to Mozambican parents, in Mazoe which is a farm town located South of Harare. Coming from humble beginnings, we were taught moral education, self-dependency, respect and honesty.

Farming Background

My father was a farm product manager and growing up, I had an opportunity to learn farming with him and my mother. Throughout my upbringing l learnt agriculture, in particular animal husbandry, crop husbandry and horticulture. In 2004, I completed my A levels at Mufakose High School and l passed with good grades entering the job market in 2005.  

Ponta d'Ouro

In 2010, I relocated to Ponta d’Ouro where I’m now a permanent resident with my wife and children. Throughout my career, I’ve discovered a niche in the tourism industry where agriculture could play a vital role to which I find myself as a potential contributor owing to my years of experience. All vegetables, meat, eggs, herbs and fruit can be easily grown, bred and supplied fresh.

Introduction to Piggery Agribusiness

Mozambique produces 5% of the world’s pork. Pork production isn’t as huge as it could have been, which is why it is a great spot to fill as will not have much competition. 
Pig pregnancy lasts 4 months and each female pig (sow) gives birth to 6 – 12 piglets in each litter. This produces 12 – 24 piglets in a year if one sow gets pregnant twice.

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Fresh organic produce in Ponta do Ouro

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